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Fog U Mold - Case of 12 cans (Free Standard Ground Shipping)

case of Fog-u-mold
case of Fog-u-mold
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Natural, safe, highly effective, long-lasting treatment for mold and bacteria issues and contains the same all-natural ingredients as in our Healthful Home Mold & Bacteria Cleaner.

Healthful Home "Fog U Mold" Aerosol is a highly effective and scientifically advanced natural, enzyme-based solution used to attack mold and bacteria and mildew odors. A do-it-yourself mold and bacteria fogger designed to clean countless microscopic particles in the air and penetrate porous surfaces, cracks and crevices to reach hidden contamination. This method of application allows treatment of impossible to reach areas such as ventilation systems where mold can breed and grow. Because “Fog U Mold” works catalytically, it has residual effectiveness offering prolonged protection that chemicals and other products cannot. Flurocarbon-free, Chlorine-free, environmentally-responsible, non-toxic, non-corrosive.

“Fog U Mold” reaches areas that can harbor irritating, potentially hazardous mold & bacteria. Use to FOG your home, auto, boat, RV, sports equipment, duct work, attic and crawl spaces. The unique fogger application works on countless spores and particles in the air (how many bacteria and mold replicate). The non-hazardous product that can be fogged to address hidden pathogens. Chlorine (bleach) and other toxic chemicals cannot be dispensed in this method safely.

  • Creates a healthier living environment – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS
  • Breaks down allergy-causing particulates and proteins
  • Residual protection – continues to fight odor and allergy-causing particlulates
  • Creates a healthier living environment
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Innovative enzymatic formula
  • Independently tested, laboratory and field proven
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Natural ingredients made from plants
  • Safe for use on most surfaces and materials

    “Fog U Mold” is a specifically-formulated, state-of-the-art combination of natural ingredients designed to provide a superior treatment alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals. The modern, scientific way to clean away mold and bacteria problems and odors.

    “Fog U” utilizes an innovative 360 valve to allow spraying in any direction. Lock valve to fully evacuate contents to treat an entire room, up to 800 cubic feet.

    Ships Free via USPS Ground Parcel Select (typically 3 - 7 days).  Expedited ships via UPS Ground (typically 1 - 3 days).  Product ships from Wheeling, Illinois

    For best results, ENSURE CANS ARE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE AND SHAKE VIGOROUSLY for 20-30 seconds before use. 

    Case contains 12-7oz cans.

Item Number: HH8012
Manufacturer: Alexeter Technologies
Manufacturer Part No: HH-8012

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